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New Frameless Glass Balustrade System launched

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Posted on 19 November 2014

Perfect alignment with Easy Glass® Pro

The unique Easy Glass® Pro post free glass architectural balustrade system features an ingenious Safety Wedge System that allows the glass to be easily adjusted in every direction. Each glass panel can be aligned from the inner side of the balustrade. Easy Glass® Pro maximises transparency while maintaining high stability and security. It is particularly suitable when a cap rail is not required or desired. Available for both indoor and outdoor use the channel is available in four different profiles – two versions for top mount and two for fascia mount – Easy Glass® Pro is the ideal solution for challenging construction situations. All four Easy Glass® Pro profiles have integrated drainage systems and come with connecting pins. The complete system includes pre-fabricated corners, end caps, and optional protective covers. Andre van Uitert, Sales and Marketing Director at Q-railing Europe, highlights the benefits of the Easy Glass® Pro system: “On installations you can make all of the adjustments from the balcony; there is no need for a scaffold to adjust the glass from the outer side. In today’s fast-paced world, saving time is crucial. Easy Glass® Pro provides the ultimate solution for saving time and, consequently, saving money.” Easy Glass® Pro is CE certified (EN-1090-1), has been fully statically calculated and is tested and approved according to the Euro-code, NEN2608. In addition, it is AbP, Typenstatik and KOMO certified in Germany and the Netherlands. Easy Glass® Pro is now available through Q-railing sales channels around the world. In the UK it is exclusively available through Q-railing recommended installers.