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  • limekilns

Frameless Glass Balustrade

A more modern and sleek design which can almost provide an invisible barrier with the use of several different options for securing. We would strongly recommend that this type of balustrade is fitted directly to concrete or steel to provide the most stable installation.

  • Standard Glass
  • standard style glass balustrade
  • balustrade

Standard Style with Glass

Our most popular balustrading system which is fully fabricated in advance for easy assembly on-site by our experienced Installers or a competent DIY enthusiast. This is the most cost-effective option of glass balustrading.

  • squareline

Contemporary Style Balustrade

Similar to our Standard Style Stainless Steel Post & Glass System but with a bit of a twist replacing the round posts and handrail with a 40mm square tube version including square brackets.

  • wire infill
  • wire on wall
  • wire infill

Standard Style with Bar or Wire

The Bar or Wire system in our Standard Style Range is an alternative to glass and an ultimate low maintenance option.

  • nightingale house
  • scottish balustrade

Juliet Balcony

This Juliet Balcony system provides a more modern innovative design which maximises visibility providing non-obtrusive views from any balcony. They are easy to install and maintain.

  • frameless
  • scottish balustrade
  • glass only

Glass Only

We can provide a wide range of glass options in varying sizes including:

  • Clear Toughened
  • Laminated
  • Frosted
  • Coloured
  • Stencilled
  • Shaped
  • Curved
  • Drilled

  • Component Shop

Component Shop

At Handrails Direct & Scottish Balustrades we can supply and install fully pre-fabricated balustrade systems. However, should you just require or wish to do a self-build you can find a massive range of components on sale in our on-line shop.