Contemporary Style Balustrade System (Square style)

Similar to our standard style stainless steel post & glass system but with a bit of a twist as the stainless steel handrail and posts are replaced with a 40mm square tube version including square brackets.  This square balustrade system can be used in a residential or commercial environment as the balustrade is fully fabricated in advance – is easy to assemble on-site by our experienced Installers, tradespeople or a competent DIY enthusiast.

The glass thickness for this type of balustrade can range from 10 mm thk monolithic glass (with a top rail), 11.52 mm laminated glass (without a top rail) in order to comply with Building Regulations.  The height regulation for this type of balustrade is 1100 mm high (outdoors) or 900 mm high (indoors).

Here at Handrails Direct & Scottish Balustrades we are Balustrade Specialists with experience of over 25 + years of specialising in Stainless Steel.  We can offer you advice, excellent customer service as well as provide you with the top of the range components, fixings and bolts within a realistic price range.   We only ever use the correct steel grades for your requirements – 304 grade stainless steel for indoor use, 316 grade stainless steel for out-door or alternatively we can offer the duplex range of steel for the harshest of environments.  

All of our balustrade systems including the glass are manufactured to your specifications and are not off the shelf products.

Handrails Direct & Scottish Balustrades can also guarantee a quick turnaround service as well as discounts on large projects.