Frameless Glass Balustrade

The frameless glass balustrade systems are available in a wide range of base channels and can be either top mounted or face mounted for internal or external use offering a more modern and sleek feel and design for any type of property and can almost provide an invisible barrier but can also be used with a selection of top rails or off set handrails secured through the glass with the use of several different balustrade options for securing. We would strongly recommend that this type of glass balustrade is fitted directly to concrete or steel to provide the most stable installation for any domestic or commercial balustrade project.

Depending on your requirements for either domestic or commercial we can offer systems from 0.75 kn loading (domestic) up to 5.0 kn for the most robust installation used on a commercial level for sports stadiums and shopping centres where the maximum possible strength is required.

All of these balustrade systems can be tailored made to your specific needs or requirements and our skilled Technicians can help advise you and provide technical drawings and loading test data for almost all situations.

The minimum glass thickness we would recommend for domestic use is 15 mm thk monolithic glass with a top rail to comply with Building Regulations or 21.52 mm thk laminated glass without a top rail to comply with Building Regulations.  Our stronger balustrade systems can use up to 31.52 mm thk laminated with the 5.0 kn systems (commercial use).

All the glass is available in a selection of colours or frosted for an opaque finish.  The glass can be cut and shaped to almost any requirement.

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