Juliet Balcony

Juliet Balcony systems are becoming more popular both with the residential and commercial market as this balcony system provides a more modern innovative design and maximises visibility providing a non-obtrusive view from any balcony or window.  They are easy to install and more importantly easy to maintain.

There are many different styles of Juliet Balustrade, however, our most popular has a standard tube diameter of 48.3 mm but 42.2 mm is also available upon request.  However, the 48.3 mm tube is stronger and can span a wider opening than the 42.2 mm.  Our standard Juliet Balustrade has a single hidden fixing in each corner and come pre-tested for Building Control up to 2.0 Mtrs wide.

Another of our most popular Juliet systems is the use of laminated glass with glass socket fixings on each side.  This style of balustrade has no horizontal tubes which may obstruct the view from the window and is extremely popular in coastal locations as it is highly weather resistant.

The Juliet Balustrade Systems can be supplied in a range of colours, shapes and sizes to meet the customer’s requirements.