Standard Style with Bar or Wire

The stainless steel bar and wire system is part of our standard style stainless steel range and is an alternative to a glass infilled balustrade.  The stainless bar or wire balustrade system offers a modern sleek contemporary look and is the ultimate low maintenance option for any domestic home or commercial property.  The Bar and Wire balustrade can be used internally or externally.

The tube thickness for this type of balustrade system can be 48.3 mm as standard or the slimmer 42.2 mm upon request.

Here at Handrails Direct & Scottish Balustrades we are Balustrade Specialists with experience of over 25 + years of specialising in Stainless Steel.  We can offer you advice, excellent customer service as well as provide you with the top of the range components, fixings and bolts within a realistic price range.   We only ever use the correct steel grades for your requirements – 304 grade stainless steel for indoor use, 316 grade stainless steel for out-door or alternatively we can offer the duplex range of steel for the harshest of environments.  

Handrails Direct & Scottish Balustrades can also guarantee a quick turnaround service as well as discounts on large projects.